Ate the kitten

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Realm The Island of Sloe
Starting Area Village of Bandera Azul

This quest can be found in the Village of Bandera Azul, where evil roy will challenge you to eat an innocent kitten, depending on your character's align there are two possible outcomes: for evil characters the Ate the kitten and for non-evil characters Did not eat the kitten.


  • Find evil roy who will challenge you to eat the kitten
  • eat the kitten (Use the oz emote on the kitten)


Some deeds are too foul to contemplate. Some dastardly acts transcend the bounds of good so far as to forever leave their mark upon the perpetrator. Nothing short of a mortal fiend would consider such despicable crimes, though it seems there is no shortage of evil in this benighted world.


You bring the kitten to your quivering lips, slowly fastening your teeth onto
its small round skull. You feel its fur tickle your tongue, its feeble
muscles succumbing to your gnashing teeth. Blood runs down your throat, the
taste filling you with excitement. Ribs crunch sickeningly, forcing a final
agonized meow from the throat of the tiny creature. With a gulp, you swallow
the dying kitten, sucking down its tail with a sensuous slurp.
You cold-hearted fiend, you actually ate the kitten. You should be ashamed of
of yourself, you monster!