The town of Naphtali

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The town of Naphtali
Realm The Island of Kordan
Builder(s) dentin  draak
Level 17
Waypoints The Accepted Chapel of Dentin
Donation Room Naphtali Donation Room (one east of the town's waypoint)

The town of Naphtali is on the eastern shore of the island of Kordan. It is officially an earldom, ruled by the Montebac family for several generations. The town boasts an impressive array of shops, including a cartographer, a bank, a sellspell and an extensive temple district featuring shrines to many of the pantheon's gods. Naphtali is one of the portal cities. Unlike the other great portals, Naphtali's portal does not stand in the center of the settlement. Instead, it is located on a small island of rock just off the eastern shore, and is only accessible via a narrow causeway.




The town of Naphtali can be found on the far eastern side of the Island of Kordan and contains a a portal leading to the Town of Gad's Landing on the Island of Archais.

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