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To start fishing first buy a fishing pole then find a body of water and type fish or fish <direction> to cast your fishing pole into an adjacent water room.

Item: 'fishing rod' 
Weight: 3  Size: 9'0"
Type: FISHPOLE   Composition: WOOD   Weight capacity: 78
Object is: 
Estimated cost: 462  


You start fishing.
You get a nibble on the line...
You reel in your line and recast it.
You get a bite, and after a little effort you manage to reel in an orange roughy.
You get a bite, but it swims free.
You reel in a red snapper.
You decide to reel in your line and take a break for a while.
You are already catching fish.
You are no longer fishing.
Something REALLY big catches your line, and breaks it!