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Qoorik's Underground Lair

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Qoorik's Underground Lair
Realm The Island of Kordan
Builder(s) Unspecified (please fix)
Level Unspecified (please fix)
Qoorik's Underground Lair is located in the Caves of Mendelius, and in fact the entire cave system has effectively become the lair. The caves, originally owned by a rich recluse, were taken over by Qoorik and his associates and are currently being used as a base of operations.

While the caves are now controlled by Qoorik, the demon is only unlocked by completing a large chain of quests. Qoorik is a fairly difficult boss, and new players often have difficulty defeating him.

Advice For Defeating Qoorik

One of the more difficult class combinations to use against Qoorik is mage/cleric primary and secondary, with low thief, warrior, and necromancer levels. This combination doesn't have a lot of hitpoints, and it's important to reduce damage taken and do a lot of offensive damage simultaneously.

Some advice for this mage/cleric class combination:

- The best tactics are probably full cleric protection, charge spells, and lightning bolt.

- Make sure you have sanctuary and faith shield protecting you. Don't worry so much about armor, as it's unlikely to help, but faith shield and sanctuary will probably cut the overall damage in half.

- Find a potion of 'protection from evil', or cast the spell on yourself. This should also help reduce damage. For really evil creatures, protection from evil can cut damage nearly in half.

- Remove your held item or your shield, and use the 'burning hands' and 'shocking grasp' spells. Cast these just before you start combat, so that your first strike will discharge them immediately. Remember to always, always wield a weapon! Never give up a weapon over a shield or held item.

- Qoorik is somewhat resistant to both fire and ice, so it's best to use lightning as your main weapon against him. Try casting lightning bolt and shocking grasp over and over again in a loop. If you already have shocking grasp cast, the game won't recast it and will quickly go to the next spell. This should allow you to hit him with lightning bolt over and over until the shocking grasp discharges.

- It might help to add burning hands in there as well, just because the charge spells are so powerful. Even though he's resistant to fire, you might do more damage that way. Try this if lightning bolt and shocking grasp aren't quite enough.

-Qoorik closes the door as soon as he shows his true form. Be sure to open the door in case things go badly and you need to flee.

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