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Maze of the black minotaur

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Maze of the black minotaur
Realm The Island of Kordan
Builder(s) morpheus  Jahmeir
Level 17
This is a level 17 maze located somewhere below the Kordwood on the Island of Kordan. It is full of many surprises and several different quests.



  • While the area is called a maze it is linear (unlike, say, the road to The Lost Outpost) and there are no hidden rooms. You may have to double back but as long as you keep moving downward you will find Branksan
  • Some mobs in the area will poison you, the mushrooms found littered in various rooms are remove poison potions
  • Hidden basilisks will backstab you! High charisma or sense life will save your back

Related Quests


After killing Branksan the black minotaur there are two unlocked chests in the next room which contain the following items:

Branksan also wields a very powerful axe

3 to 54ice nonorm chop
very slow Speed
Requires 25 Strength
  • +5 damroll
  • +5 hitroll
  • +2 Warrior Skill Level
  • +15% Fire Save
  • +1 Absorb Ice
Requires Level 17 Warrior
Keywords: axe great greataxe crystal black
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