Thieves den

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Thieves den
Realm The island of Archais
Builder(s) inessa
Level 22


As it name suggested the den is inhabited by thieves, rogues, low lives and pick pockets.

  • thief
  • drunken thief
  • assistant
  • huge hulking thug
  • enslaved peasant
  • rock elemental
  • cook
  • pickpocket
  • rapscallion
  • devious bandit
  • guard
  • thug
  • cutthroat
  • Parrish
  • Furvus
  • Dragan
  • Devon
  • Jasper
  • Jiril the Master Thief
  • Thorne
  • Nash


  • Devon (A Toxic Touch) - sells a selection of poisons

Example of goods sold. (Prices and items may vary)

No Wear Locations -------------------------------------
  [    745]  a handful of baneberries
  [   1659]  a bunch of dried out devilroot
  [    485]  a few nightbloom berries
  [   1041]  a few mindshadow mushroom caps
  [   1139]  a bunch of wizard's clover
  [   1220]  a few hellebore petals
  [   1327]  some dried spineflowers
  [   1440]  a tied bundle of silvergrass
  [   1632]  a handful of bloody daisy petals
  [   1749]  some midnight aloe leaves
  [   1952]  some ground limestone


There are also two quests which revolve around the den which can be started from Gad's Landing:-


Thieves den is an area south east of gads landing.

Surrounding Areas

Hidden elements

A number of paths through the den are hidden and involve moving or pushing walls, moss, crates etc. To gain entrance to the den whisper the correct password to the guard, which is learnt from Kidebo the rogue on the "Made a secret delivery to the Thieves Den" quest alternatively kill both the guards and move the crate.