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  • name (taken from page name)
  • level (suggested level)
  • realm
  • area (area quest starts from)
  • other_areas (other areas involved with the quest)
  • mobs? (mobs involved in the quest)
  • builders
  • repeatable <int> or yes (number of times can be repeated)
  • favor (yes or name of god)
  • previous_quest (started from another quest)
  • next_quest
  • questor (mob quest starts from)
  • type (job, deed, feat, talkgiven, questaccept given, onobject, onmobkill, onobjectget, onquest, other)
  • reward (xp, gold, favor, item, spell or skill unlock)
  • group (page containing a group of associated quests)
  • groupadvisable (yes/no)
  • quest_group (used to group a number of quests together)


  • summary (summary and how to start the quest)
  • steps
  • story
  • items
  • quest_tree (associated quests)
  • notes
  • see_also (external links etc)


  • Quests on the Island of Sloe <raalm>
  • Quests for followers of Shadowfax <god>
  • Quests that grant favor
  • Quests that unlock skills or spells
  • deeds
  • feats
  • custom jobs
  • Quests with item rewards
  • Quests that unlock other quests
  • Quests that are part of a Questline