Shadowfax quests

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Quest Group
Realm The Mainland
Starting Area The Town of Zin
Questor the red mage

Quests for followers of shadowfax. Once completed players will gain favor in the eyes of their chosen god instead of the more usual xp/gold quest reward.


Quests can be accepted from the red mage in zin and are for followers of shadowfax only.

Locate and destroy the shrine of Igneous

The worship of a false fire deity, called Igneous, has sprung up in the wild country near Zin. The exact location of their shrine is unknown, but this cult must be put down. Go to the Silver Serpent and buy a magical censer of fire. Find the shrine and use the censer to burn it to the ground.


  • buy a brass censer of magic flames from The Silver Serpent
  • head west from zin and find the shrine in the Rud'Jali Desert
 A shrine decorated with a chimera motiff stands here. 
  • use the censer on shrine
  • wait for it to burn
  • collect the ash and return it to the red mage


  • silver serpent 2sw e from zin wp
  • shrine nw w nw 2n 2w from Rud'Jali Desert entrance

Harvest firewater weed

Firewater weed is an aquatic plant that grows in fresh or salt water near geothermal vents. Retrieve some for the use within Shadowfax's ministry.

Harvest a fire root

Fire root is a reddish-green vine that grows in the Murlock Swamp. The glowing roots of the plant have many uses. Retrieve one and return it to the Red Mage.

Retrieve fragments of Shadowfax's divine essense

Long ago, when the world was young, god warred with god over the domination of all Creation. Many gods left fragments of their divine essence infused into areas where the terrible battles happened. Shadowfax's essence manifests as chunks of smoldering brimstone, rank with the stench of sulfur, which can be forged into charred, brittle armor or weapons. Bring pieces of the refined ore, wrought and unwrought, to gain the favor of your god. [[Category: Quests for followers of the god {Template:Favor]]