Retrieved the Lost Spear of the Ancients

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Nakato's Valley

Guide (Author: Malificent)

Nakato's Valley is found south from the Deserted chapel waypoint on the Great Southern Road.

You need the following items which are all keys:

  1. A crowbar from the gargoyle guarding the gates to the castle in Hell.
  2. Holy water from the Djinni cleric hallway, on far end in the medicine cabinet, Cloud Academy, southeast from Redfern's unusual wp.
  3. A yellow ball of light, from the wood sprite in the Candlewood, search on southwest side for vines up exit into a tree.
  4. A yellow grub from a badger in Candlewood Forest.

You will have to pass through 4 doors, each of the above items will allow you to pass through them. If the spear is loaded (because it isn't always,) it will be on the ground in the last room.


Artifact Relic
6 to 66stab
very slow Speed
  • +10 damroll
  • +2 Thief Skill Level
  • +1 Dexterity
Account Bound
Requires Level 29