Released the 22 evils upon the world

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The Ramanek wasteland

Guide (Author: Malificent)

  1. at the top of the castle keep, above grae keep
  2. a small cave, three south from the northeast corner of north continent wastelands
  3. in a ruined temple, second level of sub ruins, one north after entering temple
  4. base of a ruined tower, east three and south one from monolith
  5. in the throne room, west room of throne room in grae keep
  6. swimming in circles, underwater ruins bottom of first level
  7. a small glade in the mountains, northwest of small med in room with fairy
  8. a charred and empty chamber, grab water and wind teeth and its room just before Lux
  9. southwest corner of the courtyard, grae keep
  10. a large stone chamber, the chained beast room in wizards tomb
  11. blood and gore, under courtyard in grae keep
  12. deep within the ruins, bottom level of sub ruins, one room west of rotting priest
  13. a small study, above grae keep
  14. an altar to Tarrant, seriphus just past the scorpion captain to the east
  15. a quiet valley, collect sheet of paper from nomad and go through maze at northeast corner of north continent wasteland
  16. a large cavern, below town square in small med
  17. deep within the ruins, zap level of sub ruins, one north and one east after entering level
  18. in a vast library, bottom level of sub ruins, all north and a few east of library
  19. a clearing in the bamboo forest, forest southwest of small med
  20. a high mountain peak, mountains northwest of small med
  21. beside a river of fire, fire level of sub ruins, one east after entering level
  22. the inner sanctum, bottom level of sub ruins, one east of vampire lord

  1. Taelynn, Talon
  2. Grae Fahk, Greyfox
  3. Ahlyrrah, Alleira
  4. Glyrrdah, Glorida
  5. Gyrue, Groo
  6. Bei Ehssr, Bser
  7. Faerr Ehk, Frak
  8. Fu Ankh, Funk
  9. Draekko, Draco
  10. Tyrr Ennt, Tyrant
  11. Sae Amon, Samon
  12. Rui En, Ruin
  13. Lau Id, Laud
  14. Su Mae Ash, Smash
  15. All Kymm, Alchemy
  16. Dynmiss Maezyrr, Doa
  17. Roe En, Roan
  18. Raedrimm, Redrum
  19. Xao Os, Chaos
  20. Suo Lao, Solo
  21. Mae Est, Myst
  22. Mael Kahm, Malcolm