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Potions are objects that can be drunk or thrown to provide various magical effects.

Potion related skills

  • Brew potion – needed to start making potions
  • Potion lore – provides more information when brewing a potion to help identify effects
  • Bottling – moves a brew from a temporary brewing container to a permanent glass bottle, that will save across boots and not time out.
  • Reagent lore – allows a mage to discern affinity by looking at and identifying spell components
  • Brew focus – increases chance of brewing a particular spell
  • potion throwing – allows a thief to throw a potion, with a chance of breaking and casting the spell effects on the target.

Searching for recipes

To search for a particular spell type brew potion search <spell> and brew potion show <no> to show an individual recipe. Some popular recipes can also be viewed online.


To make them more useful in October 2013 potions were changed by default to save across logins. Individual potions could still be set by builders as nosave or to timeout.


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