Obtained the black pearl necklace of Montezuma

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The Aztec Jungle

Guide (Author: Malificent)

  • Begin from the Blessed Garden of the Amagawa Spirits waypoint, (garden wp.)
  • Go down then west until you find the river and travel along it north. You'll dive down and back up again as you go.
  • Go more north and you'll find a room to your west called "A game trail leading inland".
  • One west of here is a pretty aztec girl. Remember how to get here, as you'll be coming here a lot. You can talk to her and she'll give you the basics of what you need to do.
  • What you have to do is collect freshwater pearls from the hog-nose clams in the river. Do this by killing them.
  • When you find your first one, pick up the golden thread on the ground by the girl, and search to discover a blade of grass, and give those two things and the pearl to the girl.
  • You'll get a necklace in return. Each subsequent time you find a pearl, give the pearl, another blade of grass, and the previous necklace to her and she'll add the pearl.
  • Do this until your necklace has 5 pearls.
  • Now we just need a black pearl. Remember when you were entering the area, what I said about diving down and up again? This time when you dive down, don't go north or south, go east instead under the Aztec City.
  • The black pearl will be on the water fiend (It might not load everytime.) It'll wander around the lake if it's awake, although I think it spawns sleeping at the bottom and will stay there unless something wakes it up.
  • Kill the water fiend for the pearl.
    • Occasionally, one thing may have led to another and the icy krakken will have the pearl instead. It's at the bottom and doesn't wander, so put on some cold save and kill it. (The pearl doesn't save, so use it when you get it.)
  • Bring the pearl back to the pretty aztec girl. Give it to her, your pearl necklace, and one last blade of grass to the girl. She'll build the necklace, which will possess her and turn her into a werejaguaress. Kill it, and get the necklace from the corpse.