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Lawful Evil
General Info
Creation Date Mar 01, 1997

Official Website

Clan Lawful Evil is a long-running clan of Alter Aeon. It was originally created by a group of high school friends and has since evolved into a stable for the mortals of several Alter Aeon staff.

Although the official website lists their creation date as being March 1, 1997, this is incorrect. Posts on the Lawful Evil clan board indicate that it began some time in December of 1996. Clan Lawful Evil is the third-oldest clan of Alter Aeon.


The roster below indicate a player's corresponding immortal character in parentheses.





  • Private room
  • Restrung equipment
  • Trader
  • Bulletin board
  • Recall string

How to Join

Clan Lawful Evil chooses not to make public its admission standards since it maintains that most players will never qualify.

Having an evil character alignment was a requirement for many years, but this is no longer the case.