Captured and returned the Wizard brightflame's escaped familiar.

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Area The Village of Seaside Questor the Wizard Brightflame Suggested Level 20
Somewhere in the Village of Seaside there is a wizard seeking someone to help recapture his missing familiar.
Search about the village, find the familiar and use the sapphire on it.
The Wizard Brightflame says, 'I hope you can help me. I had a familiar named Gozzo that escaped from me and due to a bum leg I unfortunately can not go out and look for her. Gozzo will not leave the town, so once you find her just use this sapphire on her.' The Wizard Brightflame gives you a dull blue sapphire. The Wizard Brightflame says, 'Once you use the sapphire on her, she will be sucked into the gem and then just return it to me. Good luck and now I must get back to my work.' The Wizard Brightflame goes back to his work
Rewards Leveled Exp Gold
The Wizard Brightflame says, 'Wow! You actually did it, you recaptured that tricky little beast. Anyway, thanks for your assistance and here take these for a job well done.' The Wizard Brightflame gives you the sleeves of the wizard. The Wizard Brightflame nods at you, places the sapphire in his pocket and goes back to looking over his scroll.
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