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Scribe scroll

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scribe scroll is a mage skill that allows the creation of scrolls, using any spell component with a spell group affinity. It was released as part of the Advent 2015 event. The scrolls created can be used by any character and may also be sold on auction.

Scroll chaining

The mage skill scroll chaining allows the adding of additonal spells on to scribed scrolls, unlike the initial creation of the scroll chaining does not require gold, instead each succesive chain becomes more and more mana expensive e.g. initial scribe 80 mana, 1st chain 80 mana, 2nd chain 420 mana, 3rd chain 760 mana. While chaining and scribing scrolls, it's important to wear the highest mage cast level possible or the level of the spells will be reduced.

How to make a scribed scroll

  1. Find spell components with the correct affinity of the spell you wish to scribe. The brewing skill reagent lore will be useful for this.
  2. type scribe create <spellname> [spellcomp] e.g. scribe create fireball weed. This will use 1lb of the spell component and cost 100 gold, regardless as to whether a scroll is successfully created or not.
  3. type scribe add <scroll> <spellname> [spellcomp] e.g. scribe add scroll fireball weed to chain additonal spells to the scroll


Example of a spell component that can be used for scribing. Fireweed has a brew affinity for fire spells and can be used to create any spell of that type. The spell component used must have a spell group affinity to work, if it has an affinity to a single spell it will not work.

Item: 'fireweed fire weed package' 
Weight: 1  Size: 0'4"  Level: 45
Type: SPELLCOMP   Composition: PLANT
Object is: 
Estimated cost: 305  
You get the feeling you could brew fire spells with this.

Scribed scrolls are clearly labeled so everyone know exactly what they are, also because they include the name of the spell in the name they are also easy to search for.

Ground string: A hand scribed scroll of fireball rests here.
Inventory string: a scribed scroll of fireball
Long descrition: 
It's a piece of magically imbued scroll paper with hand written runes and
and script on it.  The ink is clearly magical in nature, and you can tell
that the magic bound to the paper is strong and ready to be released.
Item: 'scroll scribed fireball' 
Weight: 1  Size: 0'8"  Level: 53
Type: SCROLL   Composition: PAPER
Object is: 
Estimated cost: 0  
Item has level 50 spells of:


Successful completion of a scribe or chain will give a half cap while undented.

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