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Spellstaffs are pieces of carved wood or bone that can store certain druid spells for later use.

How to create a spellstaff

  1. gather wood until you find one of sufficient size (at least 3'5"). If you find an item of type bone of a similar size, you can make it into a spellstaff as well. Bone spellstaffs can store slightly more spells in them than wood ones.
  2. type carve spellstaff create wood/bone. This creates a spellstaff equivalent to the level druid you are. Higher level spellstaffs have more room for storing spells.
  3. type carve spellstaff <spell> . You must know the spell above 70%. The level of the spell is half of your druid clevel, truncated to the nearest whole number. The highest level spell you can store, therefore, is a level 27 spell. The higher the level of the spell, the fewer charges of that spell you can store, and vice versa. know the spell well)
  4. seal staff by typing carve spellstaff finish
  5. cast the spell you created the staff for on it until fully charged. You can recharge the staff the same way.

Valid spells

Taken from typing carve spellstaff list

You can create a spellstaff for one of the following spells:
  • squeaky floors
  • grow mushroom
  • blizzard
  • earthquake
  • ice fog
  • entangling roots
  • hailstone
  • poison mushroom
  • mycomancy
  • poison ivy
  • vampiric vines
  • fist of the earth
  • unnatural spring
  • gust of wind
  • still air
  • windbreaker
  • feather fall
  • tempest
  • dust devil
  • control weather
  • open the heavens
  • call thunder
  • call lightning
  • hailstorm