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Elementals are magical creatures that inhabit the elemental planes of existance, they are typically composed entirely of one type of elemental substance, the common types been earth, air, lightning, fire, ice and crystal.

Mage elementals

High level mages have the ability to pull elementals from the various elemental planes to serve as their minions. The strength of the elemental varies according mage spell level and castablity. There are three types that can be summoned lesser, normal and greater.

type spell level castablity level hp armor saves casts
fire pillar elemental 53 100% 30 840 320 50% fire fire ball
ice elemental 53 100% 30 1605 480 50% cold cone of cold
lightning elemental 53 100% 30 422 160 50% zap ball lightning

Fire elemental

Taught by - Tir'Roscha, the Fire Master

Lightning elemental

Taught by - The Ancient Golden Dragon

Ice elemental

Taught by - Trindal the frost giant

Crystal elemental

Taught by - Drac

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