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List of spell components

This list documents some of the spell components used for brewing and other skills in Alter Aeon. If no brew affinity is given, then the object is assumed not to have one.

In the notes section: Lifespan refers to how long a component will last before it breaks down and is lost. Corpsecutter, Soulsteal, and Salvage refer to components that are gained by using those particular skills.

For other items also used in skills like brew potion, brew poison, etc. Check out Herb and Food

Spell Components
Name Level Brew Affinity Notes
1 lb. bag of sugar 1
amber stone 23
antler from a red stag 32
arm of a centaur 24 blood
ashen wyvren scale 24 blood quest item
auburn wyvren scale 24 fire quest item
badger's foot 15 fire
bag of boulder dust 30 fire
bag of powdered harpy claws 23 curse poison
bag of tornius reagent 13
ball of dust 22
barred owl feathers 29 alteration
bat guano 5 lifespan ~ few minutes
bat's wing 32 unknown
bit of dry ice 5 purge blood
bit of foul black ooze 27
bit of noxious green ooze 26
bit of odious maroon ooze 28
bit of reeking umber ooze 31 know evil
bit of stinking muddy ooze 30 magic resistance
bit of wyvren intestine 24 fire
bits of beetle carapace 30 curse
bitter root 60 curse
black mushroom 20
black panther tail 31 know evil
black skull 22
blanket of Faerie Fluff fluff-balls 20 lightning
blood meal 30 blood
blood sap 64 blood
blood-soaked sand 49 blood
bloody demon eye 35 blood
blue feather 21
blue peacock tail feather 71
blue petal 40
blue-hued stone 10
bombadier beetle organs 30
brown gland from a sandworm 65 divine aid poison
brown slime mold 2
brown wyvren scale 24 quest item
bunch of dead leaves 30
bunch of dead vines 25
bunch of lions tooth leaves 22
bundle of athleas leaves 50
bundle of herbs and spices 32
cactus needles 70 divine aid
calcena mushroom 16 poison
carbuncle 29
chaos diamond 35
charred bonemeal 32 curse
chunk of black stone 65 fire
chunk of bone 20 healing
chunk of dried wyvern dung 25 fire
chunk of selenide 38
claws of a cinnamon bear 30 fire
clump of elephant grass 29 healing
clump of grass 20
clump of human hair 30
clump of kitty litter 35
clump of violet fungus 27
cold cup of tea 60 alteration
corpse of fuzzy walking peach 30 strength
crocogator teeth 30
crystalline shards 32 shards
cyan wyvren scale 24 ice quest item
dark burgundy stone 24 curse
dead man's fingers 43
deep red stone 20
delicate cyan leaves 20
Draak's special blend of herbs and spices 30 ice
dragon tooth's special mixture of herbs 22
dried blue flowers 36 poison
dried seahorse 33
dried snake venom 40 foulblood poison
ectoplasm 30 lifespan 1 hour
emerald wyvren scale 24 quest item
enormous spider egg 35
eyes of a death toad 24 illusion
faint ember 73 lifespan ~ few minutes
fermented wood pap 33 curse
few rosemary leaves 32
fiendish demon claw 35 illusion
fistful of salt 2 know evil
flourescent green mushroom 24
fresh-picked carrot 31
giant scorpion poison 27 slow poison poison
giant termite egg 29
glassfish scales 11 unknown
glittering sand 75 fire
glob of pine pitch 24 fire
golden humus 25
gray pinkgill 46
green slime mold 7 fire
hacked off leg of a newbie 25
handful of congealing blood 30 blood
handful of dirt 30
handful of ground peppers 40
handful of human excrement 30
handful of inert chemicals 25
handful of pothinir grass 35
handful of snap lance 45 unknown
handful of tulip leaves 33
handful of wine berries 30
heart of a dwarf 40 curse
hoary webcap 34
houndstooth stone 27
huge spider egg 29
human brain 30
human eyeball 30
hunk of decaying flesh 23 blood
iron flask of acidicly reduced granite 44 alteration
iron shavings 5
jagged yellow stone 41 windbreaker corpsecutter, llifespan < 1 hour,
jar of ferrous sulfate 24
jar of fuller's earth 31 lightning
jar of lanolin 27
jar of violet mold 36
jar of yellowcake 31 divine aid
large amount of spider goo 20
large dragon egg 52 lightning
large head of lettuce 32
large pile of pulverized magnetite 40
large tumbleweed 30 divine aid
lepidella mushroom 33 divine aid poison
lock of nymp's hair 27
long cucumber 31 deadoak
luminous chunk of fungus 15
lump of grey clay 10
magical stardust 60
natron 32
newt's eye 20 divine aid
noxious bog beetle ichor 32
opaque wyvren scale 24 alteration quest item
orange slime mold 6
package of bandu leaves 45 alteration poison
package of fireweed 45 fire
packet of ground unicorn's horn 68
packet of red dust 20
packet of stinkweed 5
packet of white dust 20
patch of webbing 29 fire
perfect white pearl 25 divine aid
petrified dragon toebone 32 alteration
petrified dragon's claw 33 alteration
petrified dragon's fang 37 alteration
petrified tip of a dragon's horn 36 unknown
pickled drake scales 39
piece of blood moss 45 blood
piece of ginger root 25
piezo-electric crystal 20 lightning salvage
pile of black ashes 32 unknown
pile of black soot 30 cure light
pile of fish heads 30
pile of fish scales 16
pile of horse manure 19
pile of jelly beans 30
pink petal 60
poisonous green mushroom 13 poison, lifespan < 1 hour
poppy pod 33 lightning
poppy seeds 25
portion of glittering dust 46 ice
pouch of dried centipede venom 30 poison
powdered amber 27 lightning
powdered garnet 44 ice
powdered green jade 33 healing
powdered red jade 33 fire
powdered teeth 42 illusion
powdered white jade 33 lightning
powdery gray mold 20
pure white feather 25
purple daisy 32
purple sand 18 unknown
rabbit droppings 30 cure serious
rabbit hairs 40 fireweb
razortail 31 1 - 40 fast slice
red deer musk 44
red feather 23
red gull feather 27 blood
red onion 32
rooster's claw 20
rose petals 16
rough diamond 95 healing
salt 2 know evil
scale from a samon 16
scarlet slime spores 33
scattered skeletal remains 15 know evil
sea snake venom 28 slow poison poison
several large beets 39
sewer drake scales 29 noxious cloud
shark's tooth 28
shimmering opal 26
sickly, throbbing tumor 50 alteration corpsecutter
singing sweet potato 35 illusion
single scale of a dragon 25
slug slime 38
small amount of blue dust 3 healing
small amount of green dust 8 healing
small amount of red dust 8
small bag of rose petals 45
small bladder of black fluid 18 corpsecutter, lifespan < 1 hour
small bladder of green fluid 26 blood corpsecutter, lifespan ~ 1 hour
small chunk of limestome 1
small pack of hensbane seeds 45 poison
small packet of finely ground powder 26 healing
small packet of paprika 50
small packet of salt 26
small piece of seaweed 0
small pile of rich black dirt 40 healing
small quantity of transparent orange slime 10
small voltaic pile 28 lightning lifespan ~ 1 hour
some ashes brought by the wind 24 blood
some burial wrappings 29 divine aid
some delicate purple leaves 20
some delicate red leaves 20
some grey, webby fungus 45
some icky bat guano 25
some rabbit droppings 30 cure serious
some sticky spider silk 40 blood
some tough spiderweb 30 lightning
some yellow bird feathers 29
soulstone, clear 61 soulsteal
soulstone, deep blue 36 soulsteal
soulstone, green 23 soulsteal
soulstone, pale blue 31 soulsteal
soulstone, purple 48 soulsteal
soulstone, red 1 soulsteal
soulstone, yellow 10 soulsteal
sparkling star sapphire 42
spider egg 45 ice
stick of aloeswood incense 12 restoration
sticky strands from a spiderweb 5
stinking corpse lily pollen 34 foulblood
strip of demon flesh 38
sulphur cavalier 7 poison
sundew tuber 26
sunstone 32 divine aid
swamp gas 30
tail of a rat 29
tea leaves 15 illusion
teal stone 28
teal wyvren scale 24 lightning quest item
the embalmed flesh 13 despair
tiger's claw 28 strength
tiger's eye 62 unknown
tiger's tendon 31 dexterity
Troll Feces 30 poison ivy
tuft of lynx fur 38 unknown
tuft of unicorn hair 37 unknown
turnip 25 fire
twist of blackmane root 17
twisted root 27
vial of bile 15 corpsecutter, lifespan < 1 hour
vial of black walnut extract 24
vial of blue coolant 29 unknown salvage
vial of chilling gel 61 ice salvage, lifespan ~ 4 hours
vial of flammable oil 8 unknown salvage
vial of grease 10 unknown salvage
vial of green coolant 16 ice salvage
vial of scorpion blood 45 divine aid poison
vial of sea slug secretions 45 ice poison
white petal 60
white seagull's feather 9
white slime mold 38 curse
wings of a night hunter 28 unknown
wyrm feces 16 blood
yellow gland from a dragon 49 lightning
yellow petal 50
yellow pine pitch 24 fire
yellow slime mold 5
walrus whiskers 66 From walrus in Iron sea, 5lb of type bone.
a walrus tusk 48 From walrus in Iron sea, 14lb of type bone.
a yellow petal 20 total 50 which equates to level 20, loads in L the Magnificent's magical topiary garden (2lbs)
some rabbit droppings 30 loads on Rabbit in L the Magnificent's magical topiary garden (5lbs)