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Turkey day 2014

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Thanksgiving Event
Year 2014
Date From November 27
Date To December 1
Main Organisers Gandor
Pk mobs mutant turkeys
Turkey Day 2014 was an event to celebrate Thanksgiving in 2014, It was organized by the world builders Gandor, Morpheus and the creator Dentin. It started on November 27st (Thanksgiving day in America) and ran until December 1st. It was the first event to use the new event command code.


Turkey Farm

The farm event area opened up around 11am EST on Thanksgiving, It could reached by using the command{event goto 101 or event start 101. Once started players found themselves in the dinning room, a sign was later added giving instructions on what do.

Welcome to the turkey farm and homeless family event area! 
To start off the event, go east of here and talk to the
farmer. He'll probably want you to round up and make a meal
out of the turkeys that have escaped from their pens.
As you're handling the turkeys, you may occasionally find
colored feathers.  These are valuable, and you can trade
them in for prizes at the farmer or his wife.
Once you've plucked and cooked a turkey, you may want to
give it to the various homeless families found in the major
towns and cities.  Use the 'where homeless' command to find
Good luck!

Going east from the dinning room, the players find another part of the house, with a kitchen like area and Robert the farmer. Talking to the farmer revealed further information.

You try to strike up a conversation with Robert the farmer...
Robert the farmer doesn't appear to have anything interesting to say.
Robert the farmer says, 'Some idget has been goin' around lettin' out all of the turkeys from the pens in the middle of the night.'
Robert the farmer says, 'If ya could, go kill dem turkeys. Our turkeys have some odd feathers, different colors, ya hear? Bring them back ter me and I'll give ya what I can. I have lower level stuff to give out, my wife has the higher level stuff.'
Robert the farmer says, 'I've heard a ruckus about some giant turkey roamin' about, but that isn't possible, there's no way in tarnation.'
Robert the farmer says, 'Also, we have an oven. Feel free ter use that as ya please to bake dem turkeys. It's finicky, so I let the wife do the cookin'. I always burn it. Feel free to try to find some needy soul to feed if you'd like and keep some for yerself.'

During the first hour or so of the event the field was very crowded with many players trying to get the feathers, after a while it became clear that the chances of getting feathers and cooking turkeys were too low and were improved.


  • Helped slay a giant mutant turkey for Thanksgiving 2014!
  • Fully explored the 2014 Turkey Days Corn Maze!
  • Fearlessly slew a menacing scarecrow for Thanksgiving 2014!
  • Provided a delicious baked turkey for a homeless family for Thanksgiving 2014!
  • Participated in the Great Turkey Massacre of 2014!

Giant Mutant Turkey

During the event the God's Morpheus and Gandor lead several group runs to kill a giant mutant turkey. The first run took place on November 27, 7pm EST, with players congregating from 6.45pm at a huge turkey pen (s 6e n from house in event area) and following Gandor.

7pm est run

Gandor lead players to a secluded section of field, when the players failed to kill the mutant turkey, Gandor stepped in.

Gandor says, 'Die, you mutant oversized turkey sandwich!
Overall difficulty:     2
You would need lots of luck and great equipment.
(a giant mutant turkey is too low level for you to get full experience.)
Combat tactics:
Your attacks would do little damage against a giant mutant turkey's armor.
Your armor will offer you some protection.
Your ability to do damage far exceeds that of a giant mutant turkey.
You use your knowledge of animals:
A giant mutant turkey...
 Is probably somewhat vulnerable to spells.
 Is probably extremely resistant to fire.
 Is definitely extremely resistant to cold.
 Is probably extremely resistant to electricity.
 Is definitely extremely resistant to breath damage.
 Is probably extremely resistant to poison.
 Is probably extremely resistant to normal damage.
 Definitely is not vulnerable or resistant to magic.
Petty thieving:
You would stand a good chance of picking a giant mutant turkey's pockets without being noticed.
You could steal a giant mutant turkey blind.

Corn Maze

The maze was started by typing event goto 100. The aim was to explore the maze and find all eight checkpoint. Each checkpoint had fun corn facts written on them

The corn maze operator is here, selling punch cards.

The instructions say:
Can you discover all the fun corn facts hidden in this
maze?  To find out, buy a punch card from the vendor, then
explore the maze.  'use' the card on each card station you
Make sure to look at each station to learn impressive fun
facts about corn!


There were eight checkpoints each with two fun corn facts written on them. Players could punch the card by typing use card station.

Turkey mob pk

During the event a special holiday pk mob set was made available for players to battle with. Players who won in the arenas using the turkey mobs were awarded with a quest.


As part of the event the player Athlon led a group on a deathmarch. See Thanksgiving Death March 2014

System Notices

Current Event Information
Alter Aeon 2014 Turkey Days
Our annual turkey day event is in progress!  It will run from Thursday,
November 27 through Monday, December 01. Come play around in the corn maze,
fight scarecrows, and cook yourself a turkey!
We'll also be having a handful of contests, including turkey arena battles
and a system event quest.
(see 'show schedule' for a schedule of events)
Schedule of Events
- The turkey farm event area is now open!  This area contains the turkeys
needed for the 'feed the homeless' quests.  You can reach it using the
'event list' and 'event goto' commands.
- The bluecap delivery service lost a delivery bone dragon earlier, and
lost all the turkeys they were suppose to be delivering to Ralnoth for the
homeless and less fortunate.  These turkeys are spread throughout the world
and are surely spoiled by now - if you find one of these turkeys, you can
help clean up by burning them. Most any fire spell will work, as well as
scrolls, wands or the like. This event is mud-wide.
- Animated scarecrows have been found rampaging across the countryside!
Help stop them to receive rewards.  This event is mud-wide.
- A few giant mutant turkey runs should be happening later today. These
will be managed by the builder Gandor.
- A turkey based mob arena, arena number 101, has been opened!  Winners in
this arena will receive a quest for coming out the victor.  Any player can
set up this arena using the 'pk arena' command.  Make sure to select option
13, 'Possessed mobs', and select mob group 101 for 'Thankgiving Turkeys'.
- The corn maze is now open!  You can reach it using the 'event list' and
'event goto' commands. 
(see 'show event' for detailed event information)
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