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Death March 2010

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Thanksgiving Event
Year 2010
Date November 26
Main Organisers Gandor Shadowfax
A death march event was held around Thanksgiving 2010, keeping up with the previously established tradition. Two groups were ran, lead by the gods Gandor and Shadowfax. Gandor ran a high level group, while later Shadowfax ran a mid-level group.


Both runs occurred on Friday, November 26th.


Shadowfax ended up running a lot of quest-related mobs in an effort to keep his group's alignment changes balanced. This caused more than one player to jokingly refer to the event afterward as the "March of Quests".


Gandor reported 26 deaths in his group. Shadowfax's had many, many more.

Two quests were created for the event, the first for all participants and the second for those few who managed to go through an entire run without dying once:

Participated in the Thanksgiving Death March of 2010

Evaded death during the 2010 Thanksgiving Death March.

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