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Death March 2012

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Thanksgiving Event
Year 2012
Date November 10
The annual March of Death event in 2012 took place on November 10th.


The following post was made on board 8 in order to announce the upcoming event:

You see the gods on the who list.  You see them puttering around day after day.  Sure, you get a
restore or maybe even a godbless from them once in a while, but have you ever wanted to see more from
your deity?

Now is your chance to see your favorite gods in action!  Take a walk among titans this November 10th,
when Alter Aeon will be holding its annual March of Death event!  Not only will you be fighting for the
gods, you'll be fighting along side them!


Several gods took turns conducting tours, with Draak, Morpheus and Dentin each orchestrating their own march throughout the day. Each tour generally stuck to the god's own areas (which, since each is an accomplished world builder, are many) with Draak's march especially being more of a guided tour of the southeastern part of the main continent more than an actual death march. They also generally avoided quest-related mobs and tended to run entire areas instead of running just the boss mobs.

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