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Spam can loosely be defined as repeated undesirable text. Most players, to one degree or another, consider spam to be an annoyance and hinder their ability to play and enjoy alter aeon.

Off topic spam

Going off topic on a chat channel can sometimes be considered spam. For example talking about non-related item subjects on the auction channel.

Acceptable and unacceptable spam

What is and isn’t considered spam to a certain extent is subjective and will vary between players. What may be spam to one person may be considered acceptable to someone else. This is why spam filters are optional and can be turned on and off to suit individual tastes.

Spam filters

Great effort has been made to reduce spam and give players the ability to filter out the spam they find annoying. Type spam <option> <on

Blind or visually impaired users

Alter aeon has a large number of blind/visual impaired users for whom spamming can cause particular problems with screen readers. Dentin has made an effort to cut out unwanted text or allow blocking. There is a blind mode in the game which can be enabled by typing set blind on. Another option for blind users is to use the mushz client which is been specify setup with blind/visually impaired users in mind and contains a number of additional spam filters.

Spell or skill spam

Another type of spam is the repeated use of one spell or skill by mobs or players. For example repeatedly casting dispel (Spell) on a mob in an effort to remove their protection spells. This type of spamming is usually acceptable and sometimes necessary in order to defeat certain types of difficult opponents.

Group Spam

Large groups can generate a lot of spam over the group tell channel. A spam filter has been setup called spam extreme to help in theses suitations

Trigger spam

Badly programmed triggers can sometimes generate unexpected spam, check all triggers carefully and make sure they can easily be disabled.

Retreat Spam

Sometime after the retreat skill was introduced players started complaining that it was spamming them. The skill sends retreat! retreat! to the yell channel. Dentin has since worked with the users and the retreat command has now been modified and made less spammy

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