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Class Warrior
Level 19


  • retreat - Will take the group in a random direction
  • retreat <direction> - Attempt to lead the group away from battle a specific direction

Retreat is a warrior skill used to disengage a large group from battle. It is more difficult for those well in the heat of battle to retreat than those at the edges, and occasionally brave warriors are left behind to fend for themselves when the rest of the party flees.


  • Make sure everyone is standing before you retreat. Players who are sitting often get left behind, and sitting players are usually healers who want to conserve mana. Healers usually cannot take a lot of punishment from aggressive enemies.
  • Retreat can pull out berserking fighters.
  • Improving the knowledge level of retreat will decrease the chance that players are left behind when you retreat.
  • Having multiple players with retreat in the group will increase the effectiveness
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