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Soulstone market

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The soulstone market is a place where users can buy and sell soulstones. The market acts as a middleman between the buyers and sellers and keeps a count of the number of soulstones available. That means the market matches buyers and sellers up automatically via its middleman strategy. The soulstone market was first created in August 2012 after players started to lockup auction by selling a large number of soulstones one at a time.


To access the soulstone market, type sm with no arguments. You will get a list of commands you can use.


sm buy <color> lets you buy a soulstone of the color you choose. You must have gold on hand to buy the stone.


sm sell <color> allows you to sell a soulstone. Usually you can only sell 2 or 3 soulstones per tick.


sm list lists buy and sell prices for all colors of stones. Sell prices are always 75% of buy prices.

Currently available soulstone prices:
Color: red        buy price:     11  sell price:      7
Color: yellow     buy price:      3  sell price:      1
Color: green      buy price:     26  sell price:     18
Color: paleblue   buy price:     55  sell price:     40
Color: deepblue   buy price:    201  sell price:    149
Color: purple     buy price:    866  sell price:    648
Color: clear      buy price:   3075  sell price:   2305
Color: white      buy price:  14722  sell price:  11040
Color: black      buy price:  68641  sell price:  51479

Buying and selling in bulk

The market works by building up a stockpile of stones. Therefore, it may not always be possible to buy or sell certain colors, and players may need to wait for the market to recover before buying or selling again. To buy and sell a large amount of stones, players might be better off trying to find a private buyer or seller.

Supply and demand

As like most markets the soul market works on the principles of supply and demand. If there are a lot of buyers for a particular colored stone and few sellers the price will go up, the reverse is of course is true. It is possible for lower level stones to be worth more than higher level stones.


When the code was first created there was a bug which meant liquidity was not been calculated correctly. As a temporary measure Dentin put in code that limited the buying and selling of soul stones to a maximum of 12 in any one cycle.

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