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An animal is a mob type. Animals do not have gold.

Druids have a special connection to animals and have developed skills and abilities that allow them to call and control them.

Druid animal skills

Call Animal

Calls an animal to become a minion. The list of avaible animals is determined by the room terrain.

Call waterborne

Similar to call animal this calls ampius creature. Must be in a water terrain room for it to work.

Call Squirrel

Call Squirrel is a great way to quickly get acorns for other druid spells such as liveoaks. This works similar to the other call animal skills however the squirrel doesn't become a permanent member of your group and uses zero control points. If successful the squirrel will drop a random number of acorns.

A confused looking squirrel scampers up to you, spits out 3 acorns, then runs away.

Control Animal

This spell allows druids to charm animal type mobs with the control cost been the same as the animals level.

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