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Entangling Roots

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Class Druid
Level 20
Resource Cost
Mana - Stat Requirements
Wisdom 23
Intelligence - Prerequisites
Plant lore
Summons a mass of entangling roots which engulf the target and hinder their mobility. The spell is similar to Shadow Bind in that it helps pin a target in place, preventing them from fleeing. Unlike shadow bind, roots also prevent the target from using skills that require extended use of the feet such as leap attack and kick.


  • Useful when Shadow Bind is unavailable.
  • Fire spells work well against roots; Sunstorm and Firefield are particularly effective when multiple members of your group are entangled. Hitters can use cleave to destroy roots. Shard Storm is also very effective against roots due to their low HP.
  • Increasing size helps to prevent roots from tangling. Larger opponents are also harder to entangle than smaller ones.
  • Groupcasting helps to entangle larger opponents.
  • Entangling yourself is an effective way to reset shadow fiend out-of-combat timers.


  • Though similar, the spell is less effective than the thief skill Shadow Bind(Though only for preventing mob fleeing.)
  • Roots are an attacking entity and can be destroyed in combat or pacified using Peace or Solace. They are also vulnerable to being dispelled.
  • Roots last for 1 or 2 ticks depending on the level of the spell and the target's size, strength, and saves, but may be refreshed (and the roots fully healed) by recasting the spell targeting the roots themselves.

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