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Shadow Bind

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Class Thief
Level 15
Resource Cost
Shadow 5

Mana 15

Movement 10

Cloak of Darkness

shadow bind <target>

Using this skill, a thief drives a shadowy stake through the target's shadow, prevent the target the moving. This greatly hinders the target's ability to move and defend themselves.


  • This skill can be used in cross-class combos with Battle Tactics
  • Obviously the target must cast a shadow for the spell to work.


  • Shadow bind is useful for creatures that are likely to flee.
    • It is particularly useful to shadow bind just before clerics start to turn undead.
    • Can help prevent backstabbers fleeing and backstabbing again.
  • Shadow bind decreases the ability of opponents to dodge attacks.
  • Many times you will find that monsters are not casting a shadow as the room is dark, placing a light source on the ground may assist you with this.
  • Breaking shadow bind can be done by darkening the room or yourself.

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