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Shard Storm

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Class Mage
Level 28
Resource Cost

Mana 35
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 24

Intelligence 28
Crystal Spear

When cast, it creates thousands of tiny crystal shards that whirl around the caster, slashing anything that is within their range of influence. This spell is very powerful against swarms of weakly armored enemies or a particularly large one.

Heavy armor will help protect against this spell.

This spell has extremely long lag time. Mage cast level equipment greatly increases its power and effectiveness.


  • Useful in combination with Faerie Fire or Fairy Fog as the damage type is normal and goes up against the target's Armor.
  • Utilize high Armor and Normal Resistances (via Crystal Coat and Armored Skin or black Demon familiar) to prevent damage.
  • Higher damage versus larger targets, being very small can help prevent the damage taken, using it on large targets increases damage taken. (see Size)
  • Higher casting level results in more rounds of shards, potentially leaving you more vulnerable than a lower level cast would have.
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