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The dclient is the official Alter Aeon client, designed specifically for the game. There are Windows, Mac OS X and Linux versions available for download from the main website.


The dclient contains a number of features not found on other clients, most features are adjustable to taste and can be disabled should they prove obtrusive.

  • Automatic mapping.
  • Graphical displays for character and group vitals.
  • Sky bar showing time of day and cloud cover.
  • Experience bar showing total to next level (tnl) percentage.
  • Enemy hp bar.
  • Window popups for character stats, inventory, equipment, spells, quests and player who list.
  • Custom popup windows using dcwindow create, dclappend and dcldivert.
  • Separate tabbed channel history window.
  • Buttons corresponding to common actions and function keys.
  • Command history and replay.
  • Numkey movement.
  • URL linking.
  • Event flashing.
  • Scrollbar and scrollbar lock.
  • Msp sounds.
  • Various links to alter aeon related information.
  • Server lag monitor.
  • Client customization of windows, buttons, colors, fonts and themed layouts.
  • Log file save in html and text formats.

Shortcut keys

Keyboard controls you can use with this client:

PgUp/PgDn         - lock and scroll the screen (any other key to unlock)
Escape            - erase current line
Control D         - (break) erase current line and stop all aliases
Control \         - (abort) erase current line and stop all aliases
Control K         - erase/kill current line
Control M         - toggle automap window
Control P         - toggle hitpoint display bar
Control S         - freeze screen scrolling
Control Z         - freeze screen scrolling
Control Q         - unfreeze screen scrolling
Control -         - decrease font size
Control +         - increase font size
Control [         - decrease automap size
Control ]         - increase automap size
Control {         - decrease input window size
Control }         - increase input window size
Control 1-9       - quick open/close of popup windows
Control-Shift 1-9 - quick enable/disable of various features
F1-F12            - trigger aliases 'f01' through 'f12'
Up/Down           - look through previous commands

Function (F) keys

To set a function key alias type alias set <fkey> e.g. alias set f01

DC windows

Dclient allows the creation of custom windows to redirect the game output to. First create the window dcwindow create <window> then send the output to it using dcldivert <window> <command> or dclappend <window> <command>. Using dcldivert will clear the window first while dclappend will add to the existing text.

See Also

Download links

Help files



  • The "d" stands for Dentin, the moniker of the person who built the client.
  • Client is not suitable for blind/visually impaired players, if you are blind you will be better off using the mushz client.
  • Dclient does not currently support triggers.
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