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1995 Port

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The 1995 version of Alter aeon was temporarily opened up as part of the 18th Anniversary and 20th Anniversary. After the 20th anniversary, players successfully campaigned for it to remain open, and it is now permanently available to connect to. Alter aeon has changed a lot over the last twenty plus years, so playing the port can be like playing a completely different game, by today's standards it looks dated, for it's time it was fairly advanced and used some of the latest programming techniques. The port is missing many convenience features, and employs a completely different leveling system consisting of four classes instead of the current six (warrior, cleric, mage, thief).

Connection details port 3095

  • dclient: connect 3095
  • mushclient: Ctrl+N to create a new world and type in connection details.

Although the latest version of dclient allows connection to different ports it uses crypto, so will not work with the 1995 port and an earlier version of the client will need to be downloaded. [1]

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