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18th Anniversary

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Anniversary Event
Year 2013
Date From January 15
Date To January 17
Main Organisers Dentin
Key features Deathmarches and tours, 1995 Port and competion, New areas
Alter aeon was first made public on 15th January 1995 to help celebrate its 18th Anniversary in 2013 various events were organized.


Tuesday 15th January 2013

Death marches and tours:-

  • 10 am PST - The outer planar fire world, all levels except the surface
  • 1 pm PST - Wyvren's Hell, a very old offline area
  • 4 pm PST - Kefka's Castle Dragnok
  • 7 pm PST - Abyrimoch and some areas under Dentin's Moria
  • 10 pm PST - Kefka's haunted mansion

Wednesday 16th January 2013

1995 Port Contests

Thursday 17th January 2013

New area openings

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