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Wood is a raw material used to make things such as wood woads, quarterstaffs, cudgels, spellstaffs and totems. It can be collected by typing gather wood. Adding the suffix staff searches for pieces of wood suitable to make spellstaffs e.g. gather wood staff.

You gather up a wooden branch.
A wooden branch looks like it would make a good spellstaff.
You receive 60 experience.

As a Material type

Wood is also a material type of some items. It is the first type of material that a druid learns to carve on and can be searched for in containers, donation rooms, storage lockers and shops by adding the search switch -material wood.

As a raw material

Examples of objects collected using the gather wood command. Note: raw wood is temporary and will timeout.

Item: 'branch wood firewood'  
Weight: 3  Size: 5'10"
Type: OTHER   Composition: WOOD
Object is: 
Estimated cost: 3  
This item is in almost new condition.
A wooden branch looks like it would make a good spellstaff.

Making fires

Wood can also be used to make fires using the firestarting starting skill.

  1. start the fire: start fire wood
  2. Add fuel to fire to keep in burning: put wood campfire

It is important not to add too much fuel to the fire too quickly or it won't catch light. Starting a fire can be used to access the area A burned out forest.


Different types of wood suit woodcrafted items differently. You can see what the affinity of a type of wood is with the wood check command. The output will look something like:

>wood check bran<
A sassafras branch can be crafted into...
a club
a walking cane
a quarterstaff
a blowgun
a handle
a fishing pole

It is aromatic. Its fragrance will help relax the mind.
FYI, sassafras is a less common variety of wood and is highly sought after.

Note the last two lines.


Different species of wood have affinities to different stats when crafted.

Check: It is aromatic. Its fragrance will help relax the mind.
Effect: Items crafted with Aromatic wood will have MANA_REGEN
Check: It is bitter and astringent. Its fragrance will help sharpen perception.
Effect: Items crafted with Bitter wood have WIS, MANA_REGEN, and CAST_ABILITY
Check: It is dense and heavy. It will be good for crafting shields and melee weapons.
Effect: Weapons, grips, handles, and hafts crafted with Dense wood will have higher damage and hitroll. Shields crafted will have higher AC
Check: It is flexible. It will be good for crafting bows and crossbows.
Effect: Ranged weapons created with Flexible wood will have better damage. Favors DEX and MOV_REGEN stats. Fishing poles have higher capacity
Check: It is resinous. Its fragrance will help invigorate the body.
Effect: Items crafted with Resinous wood will have HP_REGEN, MOV_REGEN, CON, or STR
Check: It is rotten. It will be difficult to work into a finished product, but the final result may be unique and interesting
Effect: Items crafted with Rotten wood will have random secondary stats, has a small chance to roll as a unique
Check: It is soft and easily worked. It will be decent for making almost anything
Effect: More likely to succeed in craft. (Might be easier to MASTERCRAFT, needs confirmation)
Check: It is very rigid. It would make excellent melee weapons and shields, with exotic properties.
Effect: Weapons, grips, handles, and hafts crafted with Rigid wood will have higher damage and damroll. Shields crafted will have higher AC. Random secondary stats
Check: It is sweet-smelling. Its fragrance will help focus the mind.
Effect: Items crafted with Sweet wood will have INT and WIS
Check: It has been warped and polished by exposure to water.
Effect: Items crafted with Sweet wood will have WIS and AGE


Species Affinity Rarity Notes
Acacia Bitter Common Found in jungles
Alder Dense Common
Apple Sweet Common
Apricot Sweet Less Common
Ash Flexible Common
Aspen Soft Common
Blackthorn Rigid Less Common
Bloodwood Rigid Less Common Found in jungles
Birch Dense Common
Bluebark Dense Common
Boxwood Flexible Less Common Found in jungles
Catalpa Soft Common
Cedar Resinous Less Common
Chestnut Dense Common
Cocobolo Rigid Less Common Mainland jungles
Cottonwood Soft Common
Cypress Resinous Less Common
Darkwood Rigid Common
Driftwood Warped Common
Elderberry Flexible Common
Elm Flexible Common
Eucalyptus Bitter Common Suboria
Fir Resinous Common Hills
Guayacan Rigid Common Swamps
Hawthorn Dense Common
Hemlock Resinous Less Common
Hickory Flexible Common
Holly Bitter Less Common Hill terrain (e.g., Ash Mountain Foothills)
Hornbeam Dense Less Common
Ironwood Dense Less Common
Juniper Resinous Common
Kingwood Rigid Common Mainland jungles
Lacewood Soft Less Common
Larch Resinous Common
Laurel Aromatic Common
Linden Soft Common
Locust Soft Common
Madrone Dense Less Common Mainland jungles
Maple Soft Common
Mahogany Rigid Common
Mulberry Flexible Common
Myrtlewood Aromatic Common
Oak Dense Common
Osage Flexible Less Common
Ovangkol Rigid Less Common Jungles
Peach Sweet Common
Pear Sweet Common
Pine Resinous Common
Pink Ivory Rigid Less Common
Poplar Flexible Common
Rotten Rotten Common
Rowan Flexible Common
Sapeli Rigid Common Mainland jungles
Sassafrass Aromatic Less Common
Satinwood Rigid Common
Sumac Flexible Common
Sweetgum Aromatic Common
Sycamore Soft Common
Torchwood Resinous Less Common Unique to Kordan, ideal for handles
Tulipwood Dense Common
Wahoo Soft Less Common
Walnut Dense Less Common
Wenge Rigid Common Mainland jungles
Willow Flexible Common
Worm-eaten Rotten Less Common
Yellowheart Rigid Common Mainland jungles
Yew Flexible Less Common Suboria
Zebrawood Rigid Less Common Mainland jungles