Wood woad

From Alter Aeon Wiki
Class Necromancer
Level 5
Resource Cost

Mana 29
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 12

Intelligence 14
Clay Man

This necromancer spell forms an animated creature from a large piece of wood.

Animated entities such as this require a small amount of mana to sustain, and may break down if you run out of mana.


  • Summoning a wood woad requires wood on the ground; at least 20 pounds of wood
  • A wood woad has good cold resistance and good dexterity
  • A wood woad has a slight weakness to zapping attacks and a large weakness to fire attacks
  • A wood woad requires 2 control points.
  • Wood woads can occasionally deal damage to enemies that attack them physically for free
  • Only 1 animated minion is allowed at once (see the page on control points)