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24th Anniversary

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Anniversary Event
Year 2019
Date From January 18
Date To January 21
Main Organisers Tanthas
The 24th Anniversary was a celebration written and orchestrated by the builder Tanthas. The overarching story was that Dentin's attention had been wandered away from the world he had created and the priests of Dentin were worried. It started by players portiing to the offices of ZagDahl where they were given special permission to enter the sealed catacombs of the unholy temple of Dentin to find out what had been going on. The event then proceeded to unfold revealing a highly original storyline drawing inspiration from a quasi-history of the mud, dentin’s real life and past interactions on chat channels.


The event was released in three parts:-

  • Friday 18 - event opensd and first part
  • Saturday 19 - second part
  • Sunday 20 - third and final part
  • Monday 21 AM - event closed


The Office of ZagDahl, high priest of Dentin

This was where the fun begain and was the quest hub for each of the three parts. In the offices were ZagDahl, high priest of Dentin and his assistant ZigDahl, acolyte of Dentin.

Within the sealed off portion of the unholy temple of Dentin

Somewhere within the mind of Dentin

The museum of player nostalgia

The Museum of Player Nostalgia was reopened to give newer players a taste of the game's past.


Figured out where Dentin's attention was in 2019

Raided the treasuries of the unholy temple of Dentin and retrieved . . . . something!

Gathered Dentin memrobelia to build the necessary device in 2019

Players entered Dentins's mind to recover four artifacts. There was a sub-quest for each item.

Junked a junk dealer to gain death metal

Gave the mad hair dresser a dressing down to gain Dentin's holy hair tie

Belted the master Wu Hu

Recovered a guitar for bass reasons

===Survived story time in the Museum of Player Nostalgia in 2019===

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