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Minion God
Tarrant, minion of darkness
Tarrant, minion of darkness, is unique among the characters of Alter Aeon because is both a mortal player and a pantheon god. Because of this, he is sometimes referred to as a "demigod".

Tarrant has a few of unique abilities as a result of performing special trials for the gods in the past. As a result, Tarrant is the only player character to have the UNDEAD type, possessing both the advantages and disadvantages of such.

Tarrant is the founder of Clan:Lawful Evil. He is also an avatar.

Tarrant is highly accomplished player. As a former PPK character, he was undefeated and never once died in pk.

The character Tarrant has access to pantheon commands requiring god power but uses the character Void to build and perform other god commands.


Tarrant's pantheon entry can be viewed here.


Tarrant's player stats can be viewed here.

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