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Letters to a Warrior

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Occasionally in the course of advising new players, mudmails or emails are written that contain a lot of useful information. This page is intended to be an archive for those kinds of letters.

To a level 24 warrior mage

At your level, mobs actually do quite a bit of damage. Your goal should first be to make things dead as quickly as possible, and secondly to protect yourself with armor. Your equipment looks pretty good, and the only real recommendation I have there is to make sure you have a one handed weapon.

The reason for the one handed weapon is so that you can use jab, but also so you can use the 'burning hands' and 'shocking grasp' spells. Remember, you're a warrior primary, but you're also a high level mage - using those two spells will do a LOT of damage, and casting them before battle gives you an awesome opening move. You'll also probably need to use a one handed weapon for some of your combat tactics.

Regarding dodge and parry, it's important to have those maxxed. You probably aren't seeing them because Mush-Z has filtered them out, but you definitely get hit less often when using those two skills.

Two things I did notice is that you haven't learned either 'cry of victory' or 'second wind'. Second wind basically gives you free movement when you use it, which can help you when you're low on movement in a fight or when you need to regen quickly.

Cry of victory can be used almost every time you kill something, and will give you back some hitpoints and movement. This really reduces how much you have to heal yourself once you get used to using it.

Lastly, it looks like you know the 'combat tactics' skill, but you haven't been trying to use them or learn any new ones. Battle tactics are really, really powerful - when you complete one while fighting, you get bonuses ranging from massively boosted strength and armor up to extra hitpoints and movement. They can help you kill things, but will also keep you from needing to heal yourself as often.

For more information on battle tactics, take a look at the Alter Aeon Wiki page, at: Battle Tactics

Good luck!

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