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Any object of type food which can be eaten by typing eat <object>. There is no need to consume food or drink for survival, the only time it may be necessary is if your character is famined. Food can be used to bulk out potions although it doesn't have a great effect on the potion or increase it's level. Thieves are able to contaminate food with the poison food skill.

List of food

This list documents some of the food items found in Alter Aeon. Food can be eaten, poisoned, sometimes used as a weapon, or be part of a brew recipe.

The primary purpose of this page is to list items that may look like herbs or spell components. Food with the note "fishing" are caught using the skill Fishing. Splat refers to a food that can be thrown and does splat damage.

For other items also used in skills like brew potion, brew poison, etc. Check out Herb and Spell Component.

Name Level Notes
big dill pickle
blueberry doughnut 0
bunch of blackberries 30
butterscotch drop 8
candied slug 2
candy cane 0
carrion shroom 29
clump of red fungus 0
cluster of velvet stem mushrooms
common white mushroom
corpse of crayfisf 0
crab meat 11
crocogator mushroom
deep bolete 28
dried grasshopper 0
dryad saddle mushroom 10
field mushroom 4
fresh figs 3
fruit pie splat
grains of rice 1
gummy bear 11
half-rack of ribs 20
inedible looking carp 0 fish
large salmon 0 fish
licorice stick 4
lollipop 2
mid sized bassfish 0 fish
rack of ribs 30
rainbow trout 0 fish
rather large mushroom 49 lifespan ~ 1 hour
ripe watermelon 29
royal sun agaricus mushroom 31
small white egg 40
smoked land-trout 10
some moldy cheese 20 poison
strange white apple 14
strange yellow apple 18
strip of dried salted meat 20
tomatl 12
twinkie 7
ugly looking catfish 0 fish
white egg 15 splat
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