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Warriors in many games are the most basic class available. Providing few mechanics to master and few abilities to employ. In Alter Aeon the Warrior is simple to use but difficult to master with several interacting mechanics and many stats to manage.

This guide will specifically cover strategy to use while leveling and will not cover higher level gameplay such as tanking. As such it will cover gameplay up until level 30 warrior or roughly 100 total levels.


Warriors boast the highest health of any class in addition to the best weapons and armor available. You are a melee warrior using your arsenals of weapons and tactics to lay on the hurt. Warriors' abilities are a combination of battlefield control, enemy debuffs, and pure damage. If there is a way to turn the tide of battle or outright overwhelm the enemy it's in the Warrior's toolkit.

At low levels I recommend using a one-handed weapon and a shield as it provides the best defense and still provides plenty of damage. Mid to high level Warriors (or if you are in a group) you might switch to a two-handed weapon for more damage.

Damage Types

As a melee class your weapon is your main source of damage and its type of damage is incredibly important. Different enemies are not only to weak or resistant to different elemental types but also the attack type such as slashing, piercing, or crushing. The help dtype and help special damage helpfiles in game are critically important to effectively dispatching enemies.

You should learn the Monster Lore as early as possible (level 8) and use the consider <enemy> command to see what the enemy is vulnerable or resistant to. You should also keep several different weapons of various damage and elemental types on hand so you always have the right tool for the job. Fighting with the incorrect damage type can make fights last significantly longer.


  • Even though unarmed combat is a Warrior skill this is not a viable playstyle. Its use is to supplement damage if you are disarmed while fighting. Some very advanced players can use unarmed combat to their advantage in certain circumstances but it is not recommended that you try an unarmed "monk" playstyle unless you already know what you're doing.
  • While leveling you should NOT try to amass as much AC (or armor) as possible in your set. You want to be able to do as much damage as possible. Killing the enemy faster than they kill you is the best way to ensure you don't die; wars of attrition are a waste of time, resources, and generally not a good source of experience.


See Warrior/Guide/Combat for an in-depth look at the Warrior's rotation and abilities while leveling up


See Warrior/Guide/Equipment for guide on what makes good Warrior gear as well as suggestions for gear while leveling up