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Opening Note

This is a guide to the area. A general outline and walkthrough to the main quests. Although there may be more obscure and harder-to-find secrets in this area, those are to find on your own. This guide obviously contains many spoilers, but I can't simply go ahead and take all the fun out of it now, can I? It would be an insult to the builder himself, as well as yourself if you couldn't find at least 1 secret on your own, right? I think I covered pretty much everything important (and maybe a couple not-so-important details) things though, but with Tarrant there's most likely stuff this guide doesn't even scratch the surface of. I hope this suffices for your needs however and helps you in your explorations of the northern continent.*]


The Wizard's Tomb is located roughly northwest of wastelands. The wastelands are found by following the following directions (from small med waypoint):


It's kind of long, but not so hard, generally north-westish.

Note: The Tomb is in the center of the graveyard. So once you find that, shouldn't be to hard.

To Do List

An outline of the most important stuff you should/must do here:

  • Use alchemy to cook yourself up a nice rainbow diamond.
  • Learn to transfer yourself between the time and spacial rings. (Use the diamond to go from this world to underworld.)
  • [optional] Complete the Seppuku deed.
  • Discover the true secret of the tomb and learn of the terrible monster that has been imprisoned in the structure.
  • Learn to use the summoning circle.
  • Destroy the forgotten deity and hoard its masses of treasure!!!

Rainbow Diamond

To build your key between the realm and the underworld simply go down from the entrance to the area and all north. You'll end yup in an alchemy room.

[Note: Read the papers for some info, although now that you've got this handy dandy guide, you can as easily screw it and get the same results: a rainbow diamond.]

From here get the flask of black liquid from the table and "use" the following items on it in this order:

  1. Purple phial
  2. Eyeball
  3. Jar of green sand
  4. yellow bone
  5. Red vial
  6. White powder

Moving About

At first glance, this looks like a real small area but this is not true. Walk to the end of each east/west hallway and take notice of the emerald at each end. To move deeper into the tomb, simply "use" the diamond while standing by one of these gates, as they are referred to as in the notes. To continue to the summoning circle and treasure, do the following:

  1. Go to the end of the western-direction hallway and use diamond.
  2. North, west, use diamond once more.
  3. Look in the directions you can not go in, and you will eventually notice a wheel.
  4. Type turn wheel, and use diamond.
  5. East,south, use diamond and move to the farthest east of the hall.
  6. Use diamond, north, east, use diamond, get key, use diamond, and back to the western side.
  7. Here return to that wheel place (after using the diamond to become corporeal once more) and go back west.

Now that you have the key, unlock the door and proceed on in. Take the hallway to the down exit and follow it, making sure to grab the stuff from the urns in the *doorless* alcoves. (Just type get all urn.)

[Note: you will most likely encounter guardians of this place while you walk around. Make sure to kill them and get the glyphs from the ground, as those are needed.]

If you look up from the room just before the end of the hallway, you'll notice crystal. What happens with crystal? Return to the top level of the hallway, between the 2 doors. Use diamond because there's an emerald there and return to the same room you saw that crystal. Go up, use diamond, open lever, use diamond, back down.

[Note: Interesting little joke. Notice the demoness has taken the place of the chained beast. If you look at her enough, you will die. No questions, no "ifs" you will... die. Of course you will "resist" this spec sometimes.]

You'll notice we've got a brand new down exit just by the end of the hall (or beginning, I guess.) Go back up the the first level and use diamond. Return to the end of the hallway where that beast is and wait til you get the message that its chain has snapped. Upon this message, run... R-U-N!!!!

Run to the top of the pit and lightning flash til the beast gets here. It will fall threw the pit, shattering the floor, and allowing a sneak peak into the treasure. This isn't very important though. Go back to spirit form, get back down here and get the black gem on a silver chain.

[Note: You will be immediately confronted by a shadow which weakens and casts vulnerability upon your flesh and you. Kill this as fast as possible.]

How to use the summoning circle

There are several things you can summon with the summoning circle (located at the center of the bottom section of the hall.) No matter what it is though, it will load a rune of either water, fire, earth or wind upon its death. Here is a list of what you can summon with this thing: (and how to summon it)

yellow dust+earth glyff
wind elemental
yellow dust
gust of wind
yellow dust, wind glyf
crushed crystals, fire glyf
water elemental
crushed crystals
water weird
water glyff, crushed crystals
grey dirt, wind glyf
earth elemental
grey dirt
lump of dirt
grey dirt, earth glyff
red sand, water glyf
fire elemental
red sand
fire glyf, red sand

To activate the summoning circle and summon what elemental you wanted to summon you do the following:

  1. Drop the rune and material of your own desire wthin the circle(room).
  2. Speak the following runes in the following order:
    1. an,ra,hex,vas,ni,el,sae,id and wait a bit, it will summon something.

The Forgotten Deity

Pant pant. You've done so much, yet there is still to be done. Don't worry, not much longer now. OK, so now, unless you want all the little extra scrolls and whatnot, you only really need 2 runes as far as I can tell, water and fire.

You must do the following with them:

  • With fire: Go to the door burned with the rune of fire, unlock it, and push the pedestal.
  • With water: unlock the door with the water symbol, and turn the pedestal.

[Note: It is imperitive you use the correct keyword for this, which is the keyword in the groundstring: pillar.]

Now go to the summoning circle part of the hallway. Hmm. new exit! Cool. Go north twice. You'll encounter a strange glyph that will spurt out a random demon at your face. Make sure you figure out what saves you need, but expect high elemental saves in at least 2 parts. They hurt physically too. I've only encountered a banshee and a muscled demon, but I am sure there are more.

[Note: usually a smart idea to engage combat with the glyph. I think it does damage to the mob. Not sure bout this though. Just know it went much faster for me when I attacked the glyph]

Run north before the glyph comes back for round 2 and take a breather. Here's where the real fun starts. Prepare for war with one of the worst creatures you will ever encounter and use diamond... (rainbow that is)

[Note: you must have the black gem on a silver chain I was talking about earlier to continue. Without this valuable key you can't hoard treasure. I'm sure you don't wanna miss out on that.]

Wait for a while as you descend to the core of the underworld, upon which you shall encounter the demon himself (itself?) and kill.

Seppuku deed

Unlock the wind door with the wind rune. Go into spirit form, (make sure the door is open), and look on the pedestal. If loaded, there will be a tanto on it. get this and "use" it on yourself. You will die, but you will get the deed.

[note: the tanto is an off-plain item. It will decay if you die and end up at small med, as will most likely be the case. I've always wondered what would happen if you hallowed at an off-plain area and walked there and stuff. haha.]

Here is a list of all the items on the pedestals (in the underworld/ethereal form):

  • blood red potion (turns you into a werewolf with 50 str and 100% magic resistance)
  • grey potion (level 40 stone skin)
  • snowglobe (has a chance of trapping you inside it and ice imprisoning you)
  • tanto (for seppuku deed).

When in corporeal form, there will be different kinds of scroll, each summoning a different minion to help you in different ways.

[note: the minions that are created do not have mv. You must go noleave and they will blink to you, I believe. It says they arrive though. Not really sure how exactly that works, but it is my belief they blink teleport.]

Interesting/misc section

I just think it'd be nice pointing out little things I like and have noticed about this area, nothing you have to look at, but if you appreciate the area as much as I do, it wouldn't hurt.

Tarrant builds his area more as a puzzle. They're all usually linked to one another, creating this huge magnificent chain. Each puzzle has a part in the entire continent, thus you can't just complete one puzzle in one area. You could finish one part, but not the entire thing.

Random stuff

  • Kind of interesting how you can't open doors in ethereal form but you can pick up stuff. It wouldn't be fair if you couldn't pick up stuff, but I wonder how Tarrant invisioned that.
  • You're never able to get past those curtains of light as spirit form, wonder what that means?
  • Strange how the underworld is depicted as the normal area, simply distorted and bathed in green light. Wonder what that light is?
  • Every time there's crystal, there's something you have to do in spirit form. Think about it...
  • Spirit/ethereal form is not an actual term, btw, I simply adopted it for this, for lack of a better phrase.
  • I wonder why the passage can't be opened in ethereal form, maybe it's why they call it the forgotten deity? I don't know. Would be interesting to know.
  • Lastly, why is it you only use water and fire pedestals? Do wind and earth have a purpose? Notes that there is an empty space to the side of each of those rooms as well...


Looking over this one last time I realized there was one last thing I was missing. A "thanks to" "credits" section. This section is simply a list of the people I really have to thank for how much they contributed and helped out to the development of this guide and to show that they are truly awesome people (note that they weren't already haha.)

  • Thanks to Weyoun for helping me explore this area and coming along to check it out and see what I had learned about it at the time. We tried solving the problem of the pit, but at that time, no luck.
  • Thanks to Woem for showing me the secrets northern continent had to offer and showing me what nice an area it was. He's partly why I even had the idea to master the tomb. He's truly an awesome guy and I can't thank him enough.
  • Thanks to Katye, one of the brilliant masterminds who aided me in solving one of the more weird puzzles, like how to use the summoning circle. Thanks to her, as well, for staying with me for hours on end as we both tried out a bunch of random ideas and experiment on the area, long past the time anyone else would've left.
  • Thanks to Guillermo I figured out the secret of the pit and how to solve it. He answered endless inquiries from me and didn't seem to get annoyed, hahaha.
  • Thanks to Rayden, for finally aiding me inthe completion of this project and his large amounts of knowledge (somewhat suicidal knowledge of the area, I should say) we finally figured out how to bring down that wall.
  • Thanks to Uicli, making this wiki available and allowing me to actually this post for all of you to enjoy.

And of course... Thanks to all of you who are reading this right now.

I can't tell you how much you all rock and how much I am thanking all the readers of this thing. I hope this guide is something you'll remember and the area an interesting, if slightly annoying at times, experience. You're all awesome and give this guide a purpose. You are all who I wrote this thing for. Should be proof enough that Alter is my home and where I'll always remain. And, although this goes without saying,...

Thanks to Alter Aeon, for being the first and only mud I love. Thanks, Alter, for giving me a internet-based home.

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