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In April of 2012, a new gigantic area opened, called Lufia's Folly. The area is huge and has tons of hard mobs to challenge you. It also has many pieces of equipment that aren't too bad. This guide will attempt to walk you through the area. We'll stop at the most important parts, skip the least important, and leave you, the reader, to explore it on your own to find the hidden secrets as well. Note: Spoilers will be clearly marked. Skip them if you want to figure out the tough parts of the area.

Getting to the area

Your first order of business is to get into the area. From the deserted chapel wp go s;s;s;s;s;s;se;s;s;s;s;s;e;s;s;s;s;s;s;s;s;e;se;s;s;s;s;s;s;s;e;e;e; You can just copy and paste that string of directions into any mud client, and it will speedwalk you there. Nifty huh

Garden subarea

Once you arrive at the first room, go 5 north. Then you have a choice of ways.

right path

This path is pretty simple, and pretty pointless. Head east to go down it. South is a pillar of white ivory that turns you back to the forking of the paths, and north takes you to a jaguar statue. This statue does not give you anything useful. It's probably time to go back to the fork of the paths and continue with the guide, though the long descriptions are fairly well done here. Look at all the stuff.

Left Path

Let's go to the left path. Head west to start the left path. After heading west again, you'll hit an intersection in which you can go north or west. South leads you back to the entrance of the maze. East takes you back the way you came.

Going west again will eventually end you up at a statue room. Search and open the statue. Under the statue are some mustard jellies that are not aggro and a pillar that loads the eye of akasha on it. Take this; you will actually want two of them. Luckily, they save, so you can farm them as much as you want.

Going north from the intersection takes you through a couple twists with aggro mobs in them. The cats do not attack you if you have at least 29 charisma and since they are annoyance mobs, it might be worth your while to have the presence spell up.

A new four-way intersection will show up. East takes you to the angel statues and the energy field, which is your next place of interest. North and south take you other places, so check them out. It's interesting.

The garden has a door that leads you into the next part of the maze, but to get through you need to get the key from the energy field. This requires you to get 4 keys and 2 eyes of akasha and hand them to the statues who will then hand you 2 more keys which you hand to the field. SInce this part is completely unintuitive, We'll go through it step by step.

From energy field, go e, e, s, e. You will find a random shopkeeper dude and a young mage. The mage loads a nice 25% zap save ring if you need it. Talk to her to get a clue about advancing through the area.

Go back the way you came and go north from the stream. You will find yourself in a haze with a bunch of exits. None of these advances you though and this is where the hint from the mage comes in.


Leave yourself End of spoiler

Haze subarea

Head east from where you are dropped. Heading south will take you back into the haze. West is a dead end. More 29 chr aggro mobs so keep your presence up. These mobs are a bit different but still mostly for annoyance purposes.

another east and you will arrive at a forked path. Head south to visit the tangle of roots, which is, again, another distraction. Don't be scared. There is a way back, but you will have to search to find it.

Head north 4 to get to the fountain, which is the center of activity for this part of the area. The soul guardian is a fun fame mob.

the north path

Let's try the north path first. Head west and kill the wolf. He loads a key that will come in useful. Head to the northeast corner of the square to fight the sea tortoise statue, but he won't load anything so it is kind of pointless except for a bit of exp. Sadly, the north exit dead ends you again. Yep, there's a lot of those.

The broad eastern path

South is a salamander statue. ill him to get another key that wil come in handy. If you continue along this path you will get to a room called deciding about an intersection. Head 2n and you will run into a bit of fog and some sparrowhawks. Kill or retreat past those then kill the ooze, because it blocks the way. Head east, and grab the teardrop from the water pillar, then head back.

From deciding about an intersection, head 4s e and unlock the door. The key is the swirling sphere by the way. Grab the ember from the pillar. you can also sac the sphere now because you won't need it anymore. The ember will save unlike most of the other keys so you can keep it even when logging off, though if you plan to open the center of the maze, you will have to run a another to replace the one you give in. Really, it's far easier to teleport in to the area than to go in the normal way.

The broad western path

Head 3w and you will encounter a 2 way intersection. Head 2n and you will see another two way intersection. Head 2w n and you will find a tangle of reds which the forked rod unlocks. INside the room that you unlocked is a pillar with the earth stone on it. Unlike the ember, the gemstone doesn't save.

from the last intersection head 3s 2w and you will be in a room with an adventurer in it. Kill him for his scepter, which has 3 charges of holy weapon on it. If you don't need it, there's no other point to killing him. The kimodo dragon is nasty though. Try and avoid him at all costs. You can sneak or rush past him before he spots you to reach the adventurer room.

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