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Tips for brewing

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Brewing only targets the spellcomps in your inventory which can be restrictive when you want to brew a lot of potions, luckily there is a way around this, by putting the comps in a tensor and then popping it with a dispel spell, this will automatically move them to your inventory.


The level of a spellcomp has a significant affect on the power of a brew, as well as the amount xp received in its making. To get the maximum amount of xp when making bombs use level 50 spellcomps or higher. Pay particular attention to whether a spellcomp is marked as total level, as this equates to a much lower spellcomp.


Weight is another important factor with spellcomps, some comps can be combined or split by typing split <spellcomp> or combine <spellcomp 1> <spellcomp 2>. Combining the a spellcomp into one block has its advantages when it comes to item management and storage. One spellcomp block will only use one slot in locker. Note: making bombs and brews will automatically split off the required amount of the spellcomp.

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