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The Obsidian Fortress & Dark Moon Forest

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The Obsidian Fortress & Dark Moon Forest
Realm Outer Planar Realms
Builder(s) morpheus  inessa
Level 39
The Obsidian Fortress and Dark Moon Forest is the first of three areas in the Nightmare Plane created by Morpheus.

Area Layout

When you enter the area, you can go north to visit the Obsidian Fortress, or south to get a sample of the mobs you will have to fight at the Dark Moon Forest.

The Obsidian Fortress

Continue along the north path to find the captain and two other guards at a barricade into the fortress. They will talk to you, then open the way to the fortress. If you want to go in before they're done, type move lever and go in before they attempt to open the barricade for you.


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