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The City of Gad's Landing

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The City of Gad's Landing
(Major Town or City)
Realm The Island of Archais
Builder(s) morpheus
Level 22
  • Odice the arch mage
  • The Grandmaster Odi
  • Alandra the high cleric
Waypoints The Temple of Stillness waypoint
Donation Room The Gad's Landing Donation room


The inhabitants are of mixed race mainly dwarfs, elfs and humans. The city has a strong magical connection and there is a large population of clerics and mages in the city.

  • little girl
  • young boy
  • woman
  • old woman
  • woodcutter
  • An old mage
  • repairman Borlan
  • merv
  • og
  • Tobi
  • Coco
  • ranger Raph
  • ranger Foris
  • ranger Zarius
  • ranger Cantrus
  • sweeper - roam the city picking up and tiding any items that may have been left on ground.
  • dwarven mercenary - patrol the city looking for trouble makers.
  • Captain Hammerhead

Town hall

The town hall is south west from the center of Gad's. The upstairs houses the bank.

  • The old mage Yassi
  • The old monk Corlan
  • The old alchemist Hoss
  • Airi the elven cleric
  • The ranger Patch

The Planar Research Guild

  • Annette
  • Yaviel, The lead researcher
  • Research assistant

The Academy of Arcane Sciences

Also see section under places of interest

directions from inside entrance, Standing within the entrance hall of the academy.

  • Farly the warmage (w) (Magical supplies)
  • The dragon elf Bael (n u s)
  • Odice the arch mage (n u s)

Hedgehog's School of Alchemy

Also see section under places of interest

directions from inside entrance, Standing just within the Hedgehog's School of Alchemy.

  • Marot the alchemist (w)
  • Llian the herbalist (n e) (The supply store)
  • Kendros the herbalist
  • The ranger Wes
  • The Grandmaster Odi (n w)
  • student of alchemy
  • cleaning lady

Citadel of Healing Arts

Also see section under places of interest

Directions from inside entrance, citadel common room 7s of the center of gads

  • cleric Taron (1w) (The Citadel Supply Room)
  • Berus the apprentice
  • cleric student
  • Annie the apprentice
  • Sith the druid
  • Ryna the apprentice
  • Jarli the monk
  • Urta the kender
  • Seska the old monk
  • Quik the range
  • Alandra the high cleric (1s 1u 1n)
  • The druid Gnak Marblehand


Trainers for all classes can be found in the city. There are two mage trainers Odice will teach the more advanced mage spells while odi will teach basic mage spells and potions.

  • Odice the arch mage (8n u s)
  • Alandra the high cleric (8s u n)
  • The Grandmaster Odi (3w 2n w)
  • The old warrior Kirst (2n w)
  • Kidebo the rogue (2w s)
  • Zarek the necromancer (3e s)
  • Gailin the druid teacher (The office of a druid) (3s 1e) - moved into Gad's on the release of the druid class.



  • Ria (Ria's Sacks & Sewing)


  • Silo the mage (Now you see me, now you don't)
  • Wern the mage
  • Vaster (The House of Healing)

Food and drink

Magic consumables

  • Farly the warmage - sells a selection of wands and scrolls
  • Llian the herbalist - sells spellcomps..
  • cleric Taron - sells potions and a scroll of curse removal

Quest Items

  • Yaviel the researcher - sells the monitoring crystals needed to complete each of the quests, if the original one given has been lost.


Gad's is an important location for quests many link and start here.

City aggro

Although the city is not immediately aggro, dwarven mercenaries patrol the city and those caught causing trouble will trigger some mobs in the city to become aggressive towards the player.

Newbies often die here attempting to take on one of the guards not realizing that other mobs will aggro and assist. When trouble makers have been caught the guards will yell various warnings to the rest of the city.

 A dwarven mercenary says, 'A killer named John Doe is on the loose, and is armed and dangerous.  Be careful.'
Captain Hammerhead says, 'John Doe is next on my list of criminals, out of my way!'
Captain Hammerhead says, 'I'm looking for a human named John Doe, you haven't seen him, have you?'

Surrounding Areas

Points of interest

  • Hedgehog's School of Alchemy (2w n)
  • The Planar Research Guild main offices (2s 2w)
  • The Citadel of Healing Arts (7s)
  • The Academy of Arcane Sciences (7n)
  • The Gad's Landing Donation room (3e n)
  • The Happy Troll bar (ne)
  • The Jail and Guard house

Hedgehog's School of Alchemy

For inhabitants see Hedgehog's School of Alchemy

To the west of the center of gad's, this is where students come to learn about herbs and alchemy. On the ground floor, just inside the entrance, is a greenhouse where Marot the alchemist is busy working, he is hungry and will give players a blood root in exchange for bowl of hunter stew. The ground floor also contains a supply shop, a garden and the office of Grandmaster Odi, who administrates the facility. Upstairs there are classrooms and living quarters where the student and teachers work and live.

The Academy of Arcane Sciences

For inhabitants see The Academy of Arcane Sciences

A two story building to the far north of gads it is home to teachers and students of magic.

Citadel of Healing Arts

For inhabitants see Citadel of Healing Arts

A two story wooden building to the far south of gads it is home to several druid, cleric teachers and students of mixed race. The half elf Taron is an important figure here, he is questor who starts and is part of several quests, he is also a shopkeeper and sells a few healing potions, spellcomps and a scroll of curse removal, which is useful to complete the Broke the curse afflicting the hero of Seaside quest. Another important mob in this building is the high cleric who is a trainer and loads some decent mana regen and cleric level pieces of equipment. Been clerics a lot of the mobs in this building will be surround with a white aura of sanctuary.


  • All directions in brackets taken from the center of Gad's unless otherwise specified.
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