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  • room_no (needed for url)
  • room = Shop Name (required)
  • mob = Shopkeeper (required)
  • url (yes/no)
  • type
  • sells
  • notes


Shop Name A makeshift, cluttered shop
Shopkeeper Lojban
Type general

Sells a white seagull's feather, a leather cap, a small iron pot, a warrior's copper helmet, a soapstone necklace, a razor chain, a black leather strap, some deer hide sleeves, a pair of brown rabbitskin sleeves, a soapstone bracelet, a gold and silver bracelet, a dyed red leather bracer, thorn beast hide gloves, a pair of clam shell gloves, a plain white shirt, a striped pajama shirt, a cheap metal cuirass, a hardened leather apron, a braided leather belt, a pair of striped pajama pants, fisherman's pants, a set of rusty chain shackles (hum), thorn beast hide boots, soft black boots, a pair of scuffed leather boots, a wooden shield, a collection plate, a two-handed club, a cheap warrior's flail, a cheap thief's spear, a small brewing pot, a large bag, a scroll of identify

Notes sells a number of useful newbie items including a basic brewing container, a large bag and scrolls for identifing objects on the ground.
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