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Summary table

  • holiday (Anniversary, St Patrick's Day, Easter, Summer Solstice, Labour day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Advent (xmas and new year) (must be correct case to work)
  • year
  • date_from
  • date_to
  • creator
  • editors
  • highlights (summary of key element such pumpkin cannons etc)
  • theme (for anniversity, solstice where there is a theme each year)
  • pk_mobs (pk mob set names)


  • status (planned or current) (if not specified or left blank event is historical)


headings listed in the order they appear on the page:-

  • summary
  • preevent
  • schedule (section name changed depending on status either Planned Schedule, Schedule, Timeline)
  • competition_detail
    • competition_name (main heading name if blank/unspecified defaults to Competition)
    • competition_prizes (sub heading)
    • competition_winners (sub heading)
  • history
  • story
  • areas
  • mobs
  • quests
  • items
  • other (no section header for adding extra headings)
  • board_posts
  • post_event
  • reception
  • notes
  • see_also


  • Events
  • <year>
  • holdiay
  • Events with death marches
  • Events with tours
  • Events with competions
  • Events with pk mobs
  • Events organised by <creator> (checks the frist two names space delimited for dentin, morpheus, draak, shadowfax, gandor)

Possible future fields

  • level_expansion (yes/no)
  • class_expansion (yes/no) (set of new skill/spells)
  • story_progression (yes/no) (where story/quest is advanced in stages throughout the event)
  • solo (yes/no) (contains solo type event areas)
  • pk (yes/no)
  • global_mobs (global teleporting and mudwide mobs)
  • event_areas
  • new_areas (new areas that were released excluding event areas)
  • code_advancement (i.e. spam filters, event code etc)

Sample wiki markup

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