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Summon (Spell)

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Class Mage
Level 21
Resource Cost

Mana 50
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 20

Intelligence 24

Mage spell that summons a player or mob. Mobs are much harder to summon than players.


  • If a player is proving difficult to summon, get them to remove all their equipment and move outside towns and cities. Make sure they are not in an area that you cannot summon them from. Many waypoints do not allow summoning.
  • A good time to use this is when a player gets left behind because the group enters or climbs something.
  • High mana cost (especially if fails multiple times) so best to use group summon where possible.
  • Can be used as part of a combat strategy see [1]
  • Best used in full mage cast level equipment.
  • Grouped players can be summoned even if their nosum flag is on.
  • Spell Saves and high weight can prevent summons from being successful.

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