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Subterranean Ruins

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The subterranean ruins are a group of areas on the northern continent

How to find the entrance

Entrance is inside the North continent mines. From the small med waypoint go:-

3s 6e n w n u w 2n 5d 2n 2e n w n

1st floor: orcs

This floor contains hoards of orcs it can be run by lower level characters providing they are careful of been swarmed.

  • cave orc
  • orcish warrior
  • orcish berserker
  • orcish shaman
  • Ulguth Tarn, King of The Cave Orcs
  • witch doctor

2nd floor: kobolds

The second floor contains a large number of annoying kobolds who throw javelins and stones into your inventory.

  • kobolds
  • warmaster
  • kobold necromancers who cast chill touch
  • kobold king loads a 2/2 braclet
  • winged kobolds - pulls lever for trapdoor which drops down to level 3

3rd floor: gremlins

This is where the area really starts to get dangerous beware of backstabbers. You will need the climb skill to get down to level 4 which is on the far western side.

4th floor: lightning

This is the first of the elemental themed floors make sure you are wearing some zap and breath saves. Kill the boss mob to open the path down to level 5.

  • gust of wind
  • posion cloud
  • lightning bolts
  • Ginni

5th floor: cold

Be sure to wear cold save.

  • freezing wind elemental
  • ice elemental

6th floor: earth

The golems hit hard so be sure to wear some parry and dodge in your set.

  • stone golem
  • wicked gnomes

7th floor: fire

Be sure to wear some firesaves. There are negative regen rooms in the eastern and western sides.

  • magma golems – have high hp and do fire melee damage

8th floor: death

  • skeleton
  • golems avoid as they hit hard
  • door of souls breaths all elements attacks


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