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St Paddy's day 2017

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Spring Equinox Event
Year 2015
Date From March 17
Date To March 20
Main Organisers Morpheus
St Paddy's day 2017 was an event to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, the patron saint of Ireland, it was organized by the world builder Morpheus and it started on Thurday March 17th, 2017 and ran until Monday March 20th, 2017.

Event info

From show event

How good ye think ye are?
Think ye be fast enough to find and catch a leprechaun?
If ye be feelin lucky then come join us on St Pattie's day.
Then see if ye can catch me and get me pot o' gold!
The event will begin on Friday, March 17 and end on Monday march 20.
Everything will start at approx 6:30am system time.
Leprechauns will be running about the world, the leprechaun pk mobs
will be turned on with a new quest and we will open an event area
known as Shamrock hill.


a lucky horseshoe

x3 Quest reward for Helped Wee Willie Winkie the leprechaun prepare for the Leprechaun parade of 2017.

Item: 'horseshoe lucky horse shoe silver ' 
Weight: 1  Size: 0'10"  Level: 0 (very uncommon)
Type: SCROLL   Composition: SILVER
Object is: 
Wear locations are: HELD 
Estimated cost: 43398  
Item has level 40 spells of:
ice shield
fire shield
still air
slow poison
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