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This is a state a character may enter into to improve the rate at which they regen. While asleep the character will be unable to perform certain actions and will be unaware of a lot of what is going on around them.

Aggro and sleeping

It can be dangerous to sleep in aggro areas, if attacked while sleeping the damage is often exaggerated. There is a lag from the time of the attack to the time a character is able to respond, leaving them vulnerable, learning the thief skill fast waking lowers this affect.


Dream are random pieces of surreal nonsensical text and are often quite amusing. Some of the text has been written and submitted by players. To change the current dream type dream while sleeping.

You dream a dream...
The stench of a thousand corpses rotting in a castle garderobe
sizzles your sinuses and forces fiery tears to squirt from your
eyes. You take a chance and peek at the warm body snuggled
affectionately against you and scrabble away like a startled
crab as you face the satiated smirk of a mouldering harpy.

Blocked commands

Certain actions won't work while sleeping like:-

  • moving
  • looking
  • casting spells
  • performing skills

Some of things you still be able to do while sleeping.

  • communicate with other players
  • use socials
  • change equipment sets
  • use get and put commands
  • show stats

Sleeping in groups

When in a group the leader usually dictates when a group should sleep, generally it's not a good idea to go the sleep without the leaders permission since it stops the whole group from moving unless the noleave flag is on.

When in a group players can be woken up either by someone making a loud noise yell wakey wakey, lazy bones! or typing wake <player name>

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