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Poison Cloud

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Class Thief
Level 28
Choking Cloud

It is said that a thief highly trained in poison can combine magic with potent brews to create truly gruesome scenes, such as the near-legendary mass murder of the Mud U administration in the year 218. While this (and other incidents similar to it) were never satisfactorily explained, rumor points at collusion between the mage and thief guilds.

Naturally no thief has been openly seen using such arcane arts, so it may be just a rumor.



  • Bottling the brewed poison and throwing it incurs the same level penalties as other thrown spell potions. Therefore it is far more effective to just brew the poison for the short term and empty the brewed poison when you need it.
  • Staying in the same room as a Choking Cloud or Poison Cloud causes you to suffer ticks of the poison as well. This is why skills like Poison Resistance and Reduce Antidote are important for a Thief.
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